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Like invitations, floral arrangements, and wedding cakes, a wedding ceremony is a work of art. Why not have an artist/celebrant help you design and facilitate your wedding? Wedding ceremonies should be as fun, unique, and creative as the couple. As a celebrant, my role is to help you clarify your vision for your wedding, design meaningful rituals that express your commitment, artfully weave your story into the ceremony, and hold event details and logistics so you don’t have to!


Where Do We Start?

If you have a date for your wedding, we’ll need to confirm that I am available (see contact form below). I do not book more than one wedding per day so I give you my full and undivided attention.

If the day is available, we’ll set up an initial obligation-free consultation to see if I am the right celebrant to help plan and officiate your wedding. This meeting can happen in person or via video chat. If we decide that another person may be able to serve you better, I’m happy to suggest other celebrants for you to contact. If we agree to continue, we’ll begin to plan together!


Pre-work & Ceremony Design

In order to design and lead a unique wedding ceremony that tells your story and is informed by your values and vision, you’ll need to help me get to know you. First, you’ll spend some time together filling out a questionnaire related to your vision for the ceremony (no matter how specific or vague), your values as a couple, and the story of your relationship. This not only helps us plan the wedding, but it’s also a meaningful experience for couples.

After you have had time to record your answers to the questions, we will arrange a time to meet again. When we meet, you’ll share your responses and we’ll discuss various aspects of the ceremony in further detail. For example, we’ll talk about who will be involved, music, tone, readings, religious or cultural elements, and rituals (vows, ring exchange, candle lighting, unity knot, etc.).

Preparation support includes vow selection or writing, talking through the involvement of family and friends (including navigating sensitive relational dynamics), sample readings, and different options to choose from or inspire you regarding various spoken elements (ring exchange, introduction of newly married couple, etc.).


Ceremony Writing

Drawing from your responses to the questionnaire, our previous conversations, and my years of officiating experience, I will draft a unique ceremony that expresses your values, tells your story, and sets the tone you are looking for. Every part of the service is tailored to suit your needs and vision. At any point leading up to the wedding, you are welcome to contact me with new ideas or questions, or to talk through elements of the ceremony. Everything will be thoroughly reviewed at the rehearsal (if you are having one) and additional changes can be made at any time.



A wedding rehearsal is not required but is strongly recommended. If you are willing to have a rehearsal, I will attend and run the rehearsal working with other ceremony participants (wedding coordinator, musicians, wedding party, photographer, videographer) to make sure everyone is prepared for the wedding. The purpose of a rehearsal is to make sure participants know what is expected of them at the wedding so that during the ceremony people are not distracted by logistics and can relax into the beauty and meaning of the moment.



I will arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony to check in with participants and make sure everything is in place for the wedding. I will officiate the ceremony with clarity, warmth, and in a personable manner so that you and your guests experience the wedding we have planned for. Officiating the ceremony includes helping you fill out the marriage registration as well as filing it with BC Vital Statistics.


What About the Reception?

Officiants are not wedding planners. My expertise is in designing and leading ceremonies, not coordinating or emceeing receptions. I do not expect to be invited to the reception, but I would be delighted to attend if requested and would be happy to give thanks before a meal or participate in any way you see fit.



Lower Mainland

Outside of the Lower Mainland

Simple Paper Signing

We cannot thank Lee enough for his rich investment of time and care in guiding us through our wedding preparations and ceremony. Lee’s eloquence as a communicator was an incredible gift for us, as he created a sacred space for us and our community to share in the joy, awe and wonder of life partnership and commitment. It brings me to tears! Many wedding guests told us that it was the most beautifully loving and intimate ceremony that they have ever attended. We attribute this to Lee’s excellent attention to detail, his deep care for clients, and his professionalism in every aspect of his role. We cannot recommend him enough!

– Megan & Poch

Lee recently officiated our wedding and he was INCREDIBLE!! His attention to detail helped us consider and attend to the entire flow of our ceremony. As we planned, he provided guidance where we needed it and organized everyone during our rehearsal which helped put us all at ease. Thanks to the way Lee helped us prepare, we approached our ceremony with confidence and excitement. When the day came, he facilitated such a heartfelt, meaningful, fun, and emotional ceremony! His ability to help us clarify our vision, honour our values, and celebrate our story, was a gift.

– Janelle & Eric

Premarital Sessions (Optional)

Many couples spend countless hours planning for their wedding day. The wedding, as wonderful as it is, comes and goes, but the relationship lasts for years, so it makes sense for couples to also spend time intentionally preparing for their marriage. I offer couples premarital counseling utilizing the Prepare/Enrich relationship assessment. Prepare/Enrich is a researched based assessment tool that provides each partner with an questionnaire tailored to the couple’s background. After each partner fills out the online form (approx. 20 min) which covers topics ranging from personality, personal style and habits, leisure preferences, finances, and conflict, the Prepare/Enrich tool sends me a report outlining the couples’ strengths and growth areas. The is not a pass or fail test!

As a trained Prepare/Enrich facilitator, I will go over the report with you (in person or via video chat) and help you explore special areas of interest related to your relationship. This is done over the course of two one-hour sessions.


Premarital Cost

$150 if I am also officiating your wedding.


Cost Includes:

      • Prepare/Enrich Assessment Processing
      • Prepare/Enrich Couples Report
      • Two one-hour sessions reviewing the report and premarital counseling.

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